Formularios covid


The undersigned, participant in the 1er RALLYSPRINT DE CALAFAT, under his own responsibility for all legal purposes;
in accordance with current legislation, as well as the COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH PROTOCOL FOR SECTORAL REINFORCEMENT OF THE FEDERACIÓN CATALANA AUTOMOVILISMO (PSCRS-FCA) for the adaptation of the sport of motor racing and its return to normality, and with the main objective of preservation of the health of all and the return to training and the restart of federated and professional competitions, for safety in competitions in relation to the risk of Covid-19, I have been informed and I accepted that access to the area will not be allowed of the competition if a person:
• is subject to quarantine measures
• have active Covid-19
• have or have had a body temperature greater than 37.5 ° in the past 5 days
• have or have had any of the other symptoms in the past 5 days, namely: a sharp reduction in taste (flavors), strong reduction in odor (odors), dry cough, shortness of breath, severe exhaustion, nasal congestion, pain in head, diarrhea. 
• has been in direct contact with people who are positive for Covid-19 in the previous 14 days, or with their own relatives, although asymptomatic.

And it undertakes to promptly communicate to the Chief Medical Officer or Health Security Coordinator of the 1er RALLYSPRINT DE CALAFAT test any change in the statements issued today and to comply with all the provisions of current legislation, as well as Resolution May 4th 2020, of the Presidency of the Higher Sports Council, which approves and publishes the Basic Protocol of action for the return to training and the restart of federated and professional competitions, and the Complementary Health Protocol of Sectorial Reinforcement of the Federació Catalana Automobilisme